Honesty in advertising

  1. Is this advertisement effective?
  2. Is it a fair representation of fast food?
  1. Who does this advertisement target?
  2. What does the spokesman say about addiction?
  3. What does he say about sugar and cocaine?
  4. What does he say about food stylists?
  5. How are nuggets made?
  6. What are the ‘plastic shapes’? How are they used?
  7. What does he say about workers’ salaries?

The Heart Attack Grill


  1. What unusual event did the heart-attack grill celebrate?
  2. The heart attack grill is a monument to what?
  3. The restaurant is in Las Vegas – also known as what?
  4. What are two’rules’ of the restaurant?
  5. What is unusual about how they serve fries?
  6. What is served in a pill bottle?
  7. How many calories are in their largest burger?
  8. What does the owner like to be called?
  9. Why was the first heart attack grill criticized?
  10. How many fatalities have occurred in the new restaurant?
  11. What is in the bag Dr. John places on the table?
  12. Who was John Aleman?
  13. Does Dr. John like heart attacks in his restaurant? Why/why not?
  14. What did Dr. John do before he ran the restaurant?
  15. Dr. John thinks his restaurant is better than others because his restaurant is .
  16. What is great for business at the Heart Attack Grill?
  17. How heavy is the new spokesman?

What do these words mean?

morbid – grotesque – personal responsibility – artery clogging – addictive

What You’re Eating

Compare the nutritional information for popular New Zealand fast food restaurants. Do any of the figures surprise you?