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Find a place to stay in Browns Bay or nearby while you study in Unique New Zealand.

The listed alternative accommodation options are available for students above 18 ONLY. Unique New Zealand takes no responsibility for booking, payment or monitoring of the above mentioned alternative accomodation.                    

Know your tenancy rights –


If you want to drive in New Zealand

Drive Safe                                                                        

Public Transport in Auckland                              


Auckland Healthcare

What to do if you’re injured

North Shore Hospital

White Cross

Mental Health Services (Adult)

Auckland Sexual Health Service

Sexual and reproductive advice

An industry-leading provider of diagnostic imaging services (X-ray, Ultrasound and etc.)                                                        

Ministry of Health

• email the Ministry at

• or phone: 0800 855 066

Stay Safe 

Call 111 in emergencies       

Natural disasters                              

Take advice on staying safe in New Zealand