Ready for Work

Tools to help you find work in New Zealand

Curriculum Vitae (CV)

A CV is a short document that shows your education, employment history and skills. In New Zealand, when you send an employer your CV, you also include a cover letter, which tells the employer why you want their job.

Language for Work

Basic job vocabulary

Use this list of adjectives to help you write your CV. These words are all great ways to describe yourself to employers.

Functional skills

Use this list of functional skill nouns to help you describe your job and skills.

Job websites

  • Seek – New Zealand’s most popular job search website. Used by Kiwis to find full- and part-time work.
  • Backpacker Board – a wonderful site for those looking for temporary or part-time jobs. Perfect for travelers!
  • Seasonal jobs – try this website if you want to find fruit-picking or farm work.
  • Trademe –  not just for second-hand bikes and phones, you can also use it to find a job!
  • Student Job Search – a fantastic website designed to help students find part-time or temporary work while they study.
  • Backpackerguide NZ –  great temp jobs for travelers.

Public Transport

These apps will help you travel around Auckland so you can get to your job interviews on time.