Academic English

For adults who want to take IELTS or any other English exam, or who want to improve their English for university


In Academic English, students learn the necessary language for English exams, with a particular focus on IELTS. Our experienced teachers, some of whom are IELTS examiners, employ engaging class activities and respected texts to help students achieve the scores they need.

In Academic English, you will study:


  • Grammar
  • Academic vocabulary
  • Strategies for listening exams
  • Speaking (interviews and monologues)
  • Essay writing (Task 2)
  • Process/graph writing (Task 1)
  • Reading strategies
  • Pronunciation

Small classes

Take practice IELTS tests

English-only lessons

Use our study centre

Course times

Students can start Academic English any Monday.

The course is available full time (morning and afternoon) or part time (morning only).

Morning class

0900 – 1030 – Morning class

1030 – 1045 – Break

1045 – 1200 – Morning class (continued)

Afternoon class

1300 – 1400 – Afternoon class

1400 – 1405 – Break

1405 – 1500 – Afternoon class (continued)