Winter English Plus Activities season comes to an end

Winter English Plus Activities season comes to an end

Last week marked the end of our winter English Plus Activities season.  We had a great June, July and August this year with many students from many countries.  We were lucky enough to have students from Tahiti, Taiwan, China, Russia, Germany, Korea, Japan, Saudi Arabia and so on.  We hope they all enjoyed their time at the School on the Beach and hope they come back and see us again.

In July we were fully booked, but, fortunately many students were able to delay their trips until August which meant we were very busy in August as well.

We already have English Plus Activities schedules on the English Plus Activities page for both the December/January/February season as well as the March/April season, so go ahead and check it out.

BowlingOur Japanese advisor, Eri, and her studentLaser_Force

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