Programme Fees & Payment Options

Unique New Zealand is a Category One school. This is the highest rating from the New Zealand Qualifications Authority (NZQA).

This means that if you are an adult student and enrol with us for 14 weeks or more you will automatically receive part time work rights on your student visa.  

The information below should help you to understand the cost of studying with us. However, for more information please email us with your specific needs or requests.

For an estimate of what your programme will cost, use our Online Fee Estimator.

  • The fees listed below are in New Zealand dollars and include GST where applicable.
  • If you hold pre-paid tuition funds with the TEC (English for Migrants) please contact us for the correct pricing.

2017 Fees

Full-time English Programme Fees per week (25 hours per week)

2-4 weeks
5-12 weeks
13-24 weeks
25+ weeks
Adults (from 18 years)
 $390  $390  $370  $350
Teenagers (13-17 years)
 $410  $390  $370  $350
Juniors (12 years and under)
 $410  $390  $370  $350

Part-time English Programme Fees (15 hours per week)

1-12 weeks  $300 per week

English Plus Activities Programme Fees

Morning English classes:  $300 per week
Afternoon activities:  $290 per week

Additional Fees

Programme Registration (18 years or over):  $200
Programme Registration (17 years and under):  $220
Homestay Registration (18 years or over):  $200
Homestay Registration (17 years and under): $250
Homestay (18 years or over):  $270 per week*
Homestay ( 14-17 years):  $280 per week*
Homestay (13 years and under):  $300 per week*
Alternative Accommodation Administration fee:  $150**
Homestay Change fee:  $150***

Airport Transfer (Standard):

Airport Transfer (Special):

 $100 one way

 $120 one way

* A holding fee of $10 per day will be charged from the first night if students are away from their homestay for 8 or more nights and wish to return to the same homestay.  If students are away from their homestay for 1-7 nights the full homestay fee applies.

** This fee applies to all students aged under 18 who are in a non-Unique New Zealand homestay or staying with a Designated Caregiver for 2 weeks or more.

*** This fee applies to the second homestay change i.e. , if a student requests to change their homestay, the first change is free.  However, if a second homestay change is requested, the change fee will be charged.

Programme Registration Fee includes:

  • Programme materials
  • Academic support
  • Welfare support
  • Wireless internet access on both campuses


  • The minimum programme length is 2 weeks
  • General English programmes start every Monday except on NZ Public Holidays
  • The homestay weekly fee does not include bus fares
  • The maximum class size is 12 students for adults, and 14 students for teenagers & juniors.
  • External examination fees are not included
  • Activities are not included unless part of the English Plus Activities programme
  • Homestay weekly fees are calculated based on the student's age on their homestay arrival date. For programmes of more than 4 weeks, the weekly homestay fee changes to the lower rate the week after the student turns 14 or 18.
  • *Students are expected to leave their homestays by 5.00 pm on their day of departure.  If they want to stay in their homestay past 5.00pm they will be charged for an additional night.

A pdf copy of the fees can be downloaded here: 2017 Fees

Please click here for 2018 fees

Payment Options

When you enrol at Unique New Zealand, you will receive an invoice. There are several ways you can choose to pay this invoice:

1. Bank Transfer

You can make payment into the Public Trust bank account in the following ways:

Telebanking/Internet banking

Bank Account Number: 02 - 0536 - 0305865 - 01

Bank: Bank of New Zealand

Bank Branch Name: North End Branch, Wellington, New Zealand

Bank Address: 100 Lambton Quay, Wellington, New Zealand

Bank Account Name: Public Trust, Wellington, New Zealand

Swift Number: BKNZNZ22

When depositing fees, you will need to use Unique New Zealand’s PTE reference(9443401TR01) and to include the Student Reference on the Invoice on any remittance.

Please contact us for credit card payment instructions. 

2. Western Union Business Solutions Student Pay

You can now pay your Unique New Zealand fees in your local currency through Western Union Business Solutions.

  • Use your own bank
  • Pay the exact amount in your local currency or US Dollars
  • Get a great exchange rate
  • Avoid international bank transfer fees
  • It is fast: we will issue a fees receipt as we receive payment notification from Western Union, so less time waiting for student visas!
  • Please follow this link for further instructions.

3. Cash/Cheque

If you are in New Zealand before your programme starts:

Go to any BNZ-Bank of New Zealand branch: Deposit cash into the Public Trust bank account

Account name: Public Trust

Bank and branch: Bank of New Zealand, North End branch, Wellington

Account number: 02-0536-0305865-01

Reference: 9443401TR01

You must ask the bank teller to use your Student Reference on the invoice as an extra reference.

Unique Students Services team can take you to BNZ in Browns Bay if needed.

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